Heartland Figure Skating Club Meeting


July 17, 2019 @ 6:00p

Invitees: Michelle Burke,Monica Stilwell,Cindy Round,Danijela Book,Lea Ann Reed,Oliver Helfrey,Lynn Coke,Angela Wise, Brandon Schultz

Financial Report: Bank Balance, Paypal Account, 2018-2019 Taxes


1.Board Roster-https://www.dropbox.com/s/45jqu08q47bpz1t/HFSC%20Roster%202019-2020.docx?dl=0

2.Past Events (De-brief)a.Banquet–6/13/19–Lea Ann Reed

3.Upcoming Events:

.    a.Summer Pool Party–8/17/19 @ 7-8:30p

     b.Next Test Session?

     c.Polar Express Theater on Ice

4.Membership Update-Monica


a.Gold Medalist plaque

b.National banners-Complete!

c.Skater of the Month–Danijelad.LTS Exhibition Skate–Madelyn, Who’s next?

6.New Topics:

     a.MWFSC council replacement for Michelle

     b.Fall Classic


          i.2021 Sectionals

          ii.Team Amore committee

     d.Supplemental Insurance

     e.TOI Grant–Danijela–like we did last year?

     f.Fundraiser? Chipotle, Popcorn, any others we want do plan early fall?


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